Minutes 16th March 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council
Thursday 16th March 2017, The Old School, Kings Caple

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ), Andrew Eames (AE), Tim Over (TO), Julie Brandram Jones (JBJ), Russell Nunn (RN)

Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Harry Bees (HB)

2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of 26th January and 16th February 2017 as drafted.

4. Updates on Previous Action Points
All to be covered under agenda items

5. Report from Ward Cllr Durkin
Cllr Durkin was not present at the meeting. His latest monthly Ward Report had been sent to members

6. Representations from the Public
A request was received from the Old School Fund for a contribution towards works necessary to repair a cracked lintel above the rear door at the Old School.
Resolved: to defer a decision on this to an extra-ordinary meeting.

7. Website.
It was noted that this item had been included on the agenda in error.

8. Provision of Broadband to the Old School
RN reported that under the current contract with BT the monthly charge is currently £46.99 and that the monthly usage is in the order of 1GB. Prices from other providers had been obtained and he recommended unlimited data packages from Plus Net for £22.50 per month for an 18 month contract or £25.00 per month for a 12 month contract. RN also recommended that a policy for usage of the service should be adopted.
Resolved: to maintain provision of broadband to the Old School and to switch provider to Plus Net.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan
It was noted that Herefordshire Council had appointed Mr John Slater as the Independent Examiner for the NDP and that the examination is due to commence on 3 April 2017. Herefordshire Council had asked for that the names of those parties who would be the points of contact for the examiner
Resolved: that as the members of the NDP Steering Group with the most detailed knowledge of the production of the Plan, Mike Harris and Adrian Harvey could be contacted by the examiner if necessary in addition to the Clerk.

10. Litter-pick
The initiative by Keep Britain Tidy and the support available form Herefordshire Council to encourage parishes to organise litter-picks was noted. It was not considered that litter presented a problem in the parish at the current time.
Resolved: Not to organise a litter-pick but to reconsider the decision should litter be found to be a problem in the future.

11. Highways and PROW
a. Report from Highways Liaison.
RN had identified a number of tasks for the Lengthsman. The style previously reported as being difficult to use has been reported.
b. Works to be Undertaken by the Lengthsman
Resolved: Clerk to issue a Works Order for the tasks identified.
c. New defects to be reported to BBLP
No new defects were identified.

12. Finance
a. Current Financial Position.
It was noted that the bank balances as at 13/02/2017 (the latest available statement) were:
HSBC Current Acc £7,415.36
HSBC Parish plan Acc £356.63
and that the cashbook (payments and receipts) as at 13/02/2017 showed a working balance of £7,196.77.
A bank reconciliation had been provided to members ahead of the meeting
b. Governance and Accountability Guidance
Resolved: that the Governance and Accountability information should be sent to the Finance Working Group for consideration.
c. Payments
Resolved unanimously to approve the payments in the Payment Schedule (see below)

13. Planning
a. New Applications
b. Recent Decisions

14. Agenda Supporting Information and Correspondence

15. Items for the Next Agenda
• Insurance
• Governance and accountability requirements

Payments approved at meeting 16th March 2017:
E Parry-Jones, Stationery, £8.00
HALC, Annual subscription, £364.60