Minutes 23rd November 2017

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ) (Chair), Andrew Eames (AE), Julie Brandram Jones (JBJ), Tim Over (TO), Adrian Harvey (AH), Pam Apperley (PA), Mark Barry (MB)

3 members of the public, Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

Two new members, PA and MB, were welcomed to the Parish Council and both signed Acceptance of Office declarations

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meeting of 21st September 2017 as drafted.

4. Update on Action Points from Previous Meetings
Broadband connection to the Old School – PlusNet have said that the infrastructure at the Old School is currently incompatible and until it is rectified they are unable to provide the service. The Clerk is trying to get further details of what needs to be done.
Bank account signatories have not yet been updated.
Other updates to be covered under agenda items.

5. Report for the Ward Councillor
Cllr Durkin was not present at the meeting. His most recent monthly report had been sent to members prior to the meeting.

6. Public Representations
There is a damaged stile at Seven Acres, could this be replaced by a gate? TO to contact landowner, Clerk to contact BBLP.
A report was received from the Old School management committee including a copy of the most recent accounts and a 5 year projection. The minutes of future management committee meetings will be sent to the PC.
Large amounts of plastic from the strawberry beds was reported in the hedgerows following a recent storm. The landowner being present, agreed to look at this.

7. Adoption of Revised Code of Conduct
The Chair thanked AH for his report on the existing and revised Codes which had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: to adopt the revised Code of Conduct as prepared by the Herefordshire Council Monitoring Officer
Clerk to send new declarations of Disclosable Interests forms to all members.

8. Review of Standing Orders
The Chair thanked AH for his report on the Standing Orders.
Resolved: Clerk to provide draft of revised SO incorporating changes suggested by AH and AE, for consideration at the next meeting.

9. Appointment of Representative to the Pennoxstone Farm Community Liaison Group
Resolved: to appoint AE the represent the Parish Council at the Pennoxstone Farm Community Liaison Group

10. Review of the Risk Register
Resolved: to defer this item to the next meeting

11. Acquisition of a Gavel
Resolved: to accept an offer from AE to provide a gavel for future meetings.

12. Requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations
The Clerk provided a brief overview, further details to be provided at the next meeting.

13. Finance
a. Current Financial Position
It was noted that the bank statement as at 13/11/2017 showed the following balances:
Current Account £9,473.60
Parish Plan Account £356.63
The cash book for 2017/18 showed the following closing balances at 13/11/2017:
Current Account £9,473.60
Parish Plan Account £356.63
A bank reconciliation had been provided to members prior to the meeting.
b. Budget and Precept 2018/18.
It was agreed that the draft budget should be published with explanatory text particularly concerning the future provision of Wi-Fi at the Old School.
Resolved: to approve the draft budget and precept as proposed by the Finance Working Group and publish it for consultation with the community.
c. Payments and Invoices
Resolved: to approve the payments in the Payment Schedule (see below)

14. Planning
a. New applications
i. P173674/F Boxtree Kings Caple, HR1 4UN, Proposed demolition of garages and first floor extension and erection of two storey extension. Extension of dropped kerb to give easier access to the property.
Resolved: to support this application.
b. Recent Decisions

15. Highways
a. Works for the Lengthsman.
No additional tasks noted
b. Defects to be Reported to BBLP
None other than stile at Seven Acres mentioned above.

16. Correspondence.
A letter from the Old School management committee thanking the PC for its support was read by the Clerk. Other correspondence had been forwarded to members.

17. Supporting Information

18. Items for the Next Agenda
• 2018/19 budget
• Standing Orders
• Risk register

Payments approved at the meeting 23rd November 2017

HALC – group training 27/10/17 £194.04
E Parry-Jones
– salary increment (October & November @ £4.31 per month) £8.62
– mileage May – Nov 156 miles@ £0.45 per mile £70.20