Minutes 21st September 2017

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ) (Chair), Andrew Eames (AE), Julie Brandram Jones (JBJ), Tim Over (TO), Adrian Harvey (AH)

4 members of the public, Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Andrew Barnfield (AB)

2. Election of Adrian Harvey
It was noted the Adrian Harvey had been elected as a new member. AH signed an acceptance of office. The Chair and other members welcomed him to the Parish Council.

3. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

4. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meeting of 20th July 2017 as drafted.

5. Update on Action Points from Previous Meetings
The Clerk informed members that arrangements had been made for the provision of the broadband service to the Old School to be transferred to PlusNet with the change-over scheduled for 5th October.
Other updates to be covered under agenda items.

6. Report for the Ward Councillor
Cllr Durkin was not present at the meeting. His most recent monthly report had been sent to members prior to the meeting.

7. Public Representations
It was reported that a footpath at Penalt is overgrown making passage difficult. The Clerk to ask the land owner if they can cut the grass

8. Resignation of Harry Bees
It was noted that Harry Bees had resigned and that the Clerk had informed Election Services. There will be the period for the public to call for an election but should there be no call a new member can be co-opted at the next meeting.

9. Appointment of Members Responsibilities
Resolved: to assign the following: TO – Highways ;
AH – Code of Conduct and Standing Orders review;
PBJ, JBJ AE – Finance

10. Adoption of Revised Code of Conduct
Resolved: AH to review the existing Code and the proposed revised Code and report to the next meeting when the adoption will of the new Code will be considered

11. Training
Resolved: Clerk to arrange for HALC to deliver a training session before Christmas in Kings Caple. Members to advise the Clerk of any specific topics to be covered.

12. Finance
a. Current Financial Position
It was noted that the bank statement as at 13/09/2017 showed the following balances:
Current Account £9,109.84
Parish Plan Account £356.63
The cash book for 2017/18 showed the following closing balances at 13/09/2017:
Current Account £8,193.84
Parish Plan Account £356.63
A bank reconciliation had been provided to members prior to the meeting.
b. Request for a contribution for works at the Old School
The Old School Fund representative gave details of emergency electrical works costing £1,500 that had been carried out at the Old School in order to meet the insurance obligations and explained that this will leave the Fund in deficit at the end of the financial year. Details of the Old School Fund’s tenure, its obligations regarding the building, the scope and cost of the emergency electrical works and its finances had been requested and provided to members ahead of the meeting. Members expressed their support for the Old School and acknowledged its value to the community. Members suggested that the Old School Fund should consider its ongoing liabilities for the next five years and make a report to the Parish Council after each committee meeting and that it should provide estimate of further financial support that it may require in 2018//19 so that this could be considered for inclusion in the 2018/19 Parish Council budget
Resolved: to provide a donation of £1,500 to the Old School Fund to cover the cost of the recent emergency electrical works
c. Items for the 2018/19 Budget.
Resolved: the Finance Working Group to meet and propose a draft budget to be considered at the next meeting.
d. Payments and Invoices
Resolved: to approve the payments in the Payment Schedule (see below)
e. Additional Cheque Signatories
Resolved: AE and AH to be made signatories, Former members, Russell Nunn and Harry Bees to be removed as signatories.

13. Neighbourhood Development Plan
a. Referendum Result
It was noted that the referendum was Yes 87.9%, No 12.1% (turnout 58.84%)
b. Disbanding of Steering Group.
Thanks were expressed to all those who had contributed to the Steering Group for their contributions and in particular to the policy writing team (Adrian Harvey, Andrew Beckett, Jake Keogh at Peter Harris) and that letter of thanks should be sent to them and to Wendy Harris. The Chair also thanked AH for putting on the public presentation and display on 2nd September and for his efforts in compiling the response to the Independent Examiner and the necessary re-writing of the Plan.
Resolved: to disband the NDP Steering Group

14. Planning
a. New applications
i. P173069/FH Stradbroke, Caple Avenue, Proposed addition of condition 4 on planning permission P143439/FH.
Resolved: Not to comment on this application
b. Recent Decisions
The following decisions were noted:
P172751/XA2 Land at High House Kings Caple. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 9 11 and 13 attached to planning permission 171113. Decision – Partial approval/refusal
P172379/PA7 Land South West of Kings Caple, Hereford. Prior notification for agricultural track. Decision – Prior approval is not required (conditional)

15. Highways
a. Representation to the PRoWIP consultation
Resolved: not to make any representation to this consultation
b. Works for the Lengthsman.
Resolved: to instruct the Lengthsman to carry out one maintenance day and identify any additional further items needing action.
c. Defects to be Reported to BBLP
A member of the public reported a pothole and was encouraged to report it directly via the HC website or to contact the Clerk with the exact location.

16. Correspondence.
Correspondence had been forwarded to members.

17. Items for the Next Agenda
• 2018/19 draft budget
• Consider adoption of the revised Code of Conduct
• Review of Standing Orders

Payments approved at the meeting 21st September 2017

E Parry-Jones
– salary increment (July – Sept @ £4.31 per month) £12.93
– expenses (ink cartridge 1/3 £57.49) £19.33