Minutes 14th July 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 14th July 2016, The Old School, Kings Caple

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ), Julie Brandram Jones (JBJ), Tim Over (TO), Andrew Eames (AE), Harry Bees (HB)

Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1 Apologies for Absence
Apologies were accepted from Andrew Barnfield and Russell Nunn

2 Declarations and Requests for Dispensations

3 Minutes of Previous Meeting 24th March 2016
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of 26th May and 16th June as drafted

4 Updates on Previous Action Points
• BT kiosk. The Clerk confirmed that a joint inspection had taken place with representatives of the Heritage Group to assess the current condition and a statement of condition will be provided to the Heritage Group
Other action points to be covered under agenda items

5 Report from Ward Councillor
Ward Cllr Durkin was not present. His monthly report had been sent to members prior to the meeting

6 Representations from the Public

7 Neighbourhood Development Plan
AE reported that the draft NDP had been distributed to all households and the consultation period would run until 10th August 2016.

8 Working Groups and Member Responsibilities
Resolved: no further Working Groups are necessary at this point. Individual responsibilities or Working Groups would be appointed should the need arise.

9 Policies
a. Policy for Handling Planning Applications.
Resolved: to remove the reference to a specific number of members of the Planning Group and to adopt the policy as otherwise drafted
b. Persistant and Vexatious Complaints
Resolved: to adopt the policy as drafted
c. Grants and Donations
Resolved: to adopt the policy as drafted

10 Finance
a) Current Financial Position.
A copy of the cash books (payments and receipts to date) had been sent to members prior to the meeting showing balances as at 12/07/16 of:
Current Account £6,650.65
Parish Plan Account £356.63
The latest available bank statements as at 13/06/16 showed balances as follows:
Current Account £9,016.02
Parish Plan Account £356.63
A bank reconciliation had also been provided to members prior to the meeting.
b) Internal auditor
It was noted that the Internal Auditor’s report concluded that, in all significant respects, all the control objectives were being achieved throughout the financial year
c) Revised Tax Code and Amended Standing Order
It was noted that the payment of the Clerk’s salary April – June 2016 had been calculated using the incorrect Tax Code resulting in PAYE being deducted. .
Resolved: To make a single payment of the amount underpaid to the Clerk and amend the Standing Order payment with effect from July 2016.
d) Invoices and Payments
Resolved: to approve the payments listed in the payments schedule below

11 Planning
a. Comments on new applications
b. Recent Decisions by Herefordshire Council

12 Highways and PROW
a) Update from Highways Liaison
No report as RN was not present
b) Works to be undertaken by the Lengthsman
Resolved: to request the Lengthsman undertake regular maintenance tasks and any additional necessary tasks identified by RN as Highways Liaison.
c) Defects to be Reported
PROW KC10 noted to be in need of surface repair

13 Supporting Information and Correspondence

14 Items for Next Agenda
• Policies

Payments approved at meeting 14th July 2016:
E Parry-Jones, Additional hours for Finance WG meeting and extra-ordinary meeting,  £39.60
E Parry-Jones, Repayment of PAYE 06/04/16 – 05/07/16 due to tax code change Clerk’s salary,  £128.70
Ian Binns, Internal audit,  £40.00