Presented to PC at January 2015 mtg.

Nov 2014

Formally requested full SHLAA data from HCC. Data by End Jan 2015

Dec 2014.

HCC confirm SHLAA on schedule

Draft Plan 3.5 released (without Site identification – SHLAA data)

Reviewed by NDP Steering Group. Feedback from review meeting incorporated wherever appropriate.

Reviewed by Data Orchard & feedback received (Bill Bloxsome).

Reviewed by Locality – Direct Support (Liz Beth MTPI) & feedback received.

All feedback very complimentary – main criticism reduce number of policies (38)

Under spend grant funding (£1171) to be returned.

Jan 2015

  1. Policy Team reconvened – policy reductions agreed and underway
  2. “The SHLAA has not made a great deal of progress since I last contacted you and this has been because of the need to focus on Core Strategy Statement writing for the February examination” Data not now expected until after Examination (Feb 22) Strategic Planning Team (HCC)
  3. Pre-Election “purdah”guidance received from HCC “Parish Councils are strongly advised not to undertaken Regulation 14 draft consultations during this period (2 April – 7 May) in order to not breach these (Election) requirements”.
    “To avoid any consultations taking place within the pre-election period they will need to either start before 18 February or after 7 May.” (6 week Consultation period) Neighbourhood Planning Team (HCC)
  4. Project team will continue to develop the plan with Regulation 14 (Draft Plan Consultation) targeted for early May and Referendum to follow in the summer.

Mike Harris

Kings Caple Parish Councillor

(NDP Project Mgr & Chair)