Minutes 18 May 2017

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
18th May 2017, The Old School, Kings Caple

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ), Andrew Eames (AE), Julie Brandram Jones (JBJ),
Tim Over (TO), Andrew Barnfield (AB)

Ward Councillor Barry Durkin, 20 members of the public, Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. To Elect a Chairperson
Resolved: to elect Penny Brandram-Jones as Chair

2. To Elect a Vice-chair
Resolved: to elect Andrew Eames as Vice-chair

3. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Harry Bees (HB)

4. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
Penny Brandram-Jones, items 9 a, 10 a i and ii, Disclosable Pecuniary Interest
Julie Brandram-Jones, items 10 a i and ii, Other Interest
Andrew Eames, item 9 a, Other Interest

5. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to defer this item until later in the meeting or the next meeting if insufficient time in this meeting.

6. Update on Action Points from Previous Meetings
Resolved: to defer this item until later in the meeting or the next meeting if time in this meeting.

7. Report for the Ward Councillor
Cllr Durkin’s spoke to his monthly report which had been sent to members prior to the meeting.

8. Public Representations
Resolved: to defer this to item 10

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan
a. Acceptance of the Independent Examiner’s report. PBJ left the meeting
Resolved: to accept the recommendations of the Independent Examiner and revise the Plan accordingly.
PBJ returned to the meeting
b. Modifications to the NDP.
Resolved: The Steering Group to draft the revised supporting text, the new map to be produced by Herefordshire Council and the Clerk to incorporate these and make the alterations to the text as recommended by the Examiner. External consultants to be used should it be found that the reformatting is not possible to do in-house.

10. Planning
a. New Applications. JBJ and PBJ left the meeting
i. P171113/F Land at High House. Erection of a single dwelling, access, turning, manoeuvring, layout, scale, siting, landscaping and materials
Public comments were invited; a representative of the NDP Steering Group advised that although contrary to the NDP as outline consent for a very similar development already existed for this site and the Parish Council should neither support or object to this application.
Resolved: No comment to be submitted regarding this application.
ii. P171351/O Land adjacent to Mill Ditch Cottage. Outline application for the erection of a three bedroom cottage, access, turning manoeuvring, car parking and scale
Public comments were invited. A representative of the NDP Steering Group advised that this application is contrary to the NDP.
Resolved: to submit a general comment noting that the application site falls outside the settlement boundary proposed in the NDP and as such would be subject to RA3 policies of the Core Strategy.
A member of the public queried why the Parish Council was not making an objection to an application which was so clearly contrary to the Plan.
PBJ and JBJ returned to the meeting
b. Recent Decisions
It was noted that application P170036/F The Rectory Field as known as Land at The Green Kings Caple (Erection of two pairs of semi detached houses together with a single dwelling, scale layout, access, parking and manoeuvring) had been refused.

10. Resignation of Russell Nunn
It was noted that there will be a period of two weeks in which local electors can call for an election, the dates for this period have not yet been notified by Election Services. Should an election not be called the Council will then be able to co-opt a new member.

11. Allocation of Members Responsibilities
Resolved: to defer this item to a later meeting.

12. Highways
a. Contract for Lengthsman and P3 Schemes 2017/18
Resolved: to agree the contract as proposed.
b. Works for the Lengthsman.
Resolved: to continue with the current programme of quarterly visits by the Lengthsman to carry out scheduled regular tasks plus any additional tasks that are identified at meetings or by the member responsible for highways.
No additional tasks identified currently.
c. Defects to be Reported to BBLP
Caple Avenue, surface damage.

13. Finance
a. Current Financial Position
It was noted that the bank statement as at 31/03/2017 showed the following balances:
Current Account £6,636.14
Parish Plan Account £356.63
The cash book for 2016/17 showed the following closing balances at 31/03/2017:
Current Account £6,061.14
Parish Plan Account £356.63

A bank reconciliation together with a report showing actual expenditure against budget had been provided to members prior to the meeting.
It was noted that the internal auditor had completed his report and found all procedures to have been followed in accordance with requirements.
b. Annual Return
i. Governance Statement.
Resolved: to agree the statements in the Governance Statement.
The Statement was signed by the Chair and the Clerk
ii. Accounting Statement
A copy of the completed Statement had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: to approve the Accounting Statement.
The Accounting Statement was signed by the Chair
c. Invoices and Payments
Resolved: to approve the payments as listed in the Payments Schedule

14. Meeting Dates 2017/18
Resolved: Ordinary meetings to be scheduled for the following dates:
20th July, 21st September, 23rd November, 25th January, 22 March.

15. Correspondence.
Correspondence had been forwarded to members. It was noted that a FoI Act request had been received and that the information was being collected and would be provided.

16. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of 16th March 2017, 23rd March 2017 and 8th May 2017 as drafted.