Minutes 17th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
17th May 2018, The Old School, Kings Caple

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ), Andrew Eames (AE), Tim Over (TO), Pam Apperley (PA),
Mark Barry (MB)
4 members of the public, Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. Election of Chairperson
Nominations were received for Adrian Harvey and Penny Brandram-Jones.
Resolved: to elect Penny Brandram-Jones as Chair person
2. Election of Vice Chairperson
There were no nominations.
Resolved: to defer this item to the next meeting
3. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Adrian Harvey (AH)
4. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
TO declared DPI in item 12 a i. Planning, P/181198/F East of Pennoxstone Court, HR1 4TX
5. Minutes of Previous Meetings
Resolved: to approve the Minutes of the meetings of 25th January and 22nd March as drafted
6. Update on Action Points from Previous Meetings
The transfer to PlusNet for the provision of broadband to the Old School has not yet been completed, Clerk to chase PlusNet for a resolution
7. Ward Cllrs Report
Cllr Barry Durkin was not present at the meeting. His most recent Ward Report had been forwarded to members.
8. Matters Raised at the Annual Parish Meeting
No matters were raised at the Annual Parish Meeting for consideration by the Parish Council
9. Public Representations
A report was received from the Old School Committee.
10. Finance
a. Report from FWG.
A copy of the notes from the FWG meeting on 07/05/2018 together with the updated internal control document, risk assessment and asset register had been sent to members prior the meeting.
Resolved: to approve these documents
b. Audit Requirements.
The revised audit requirements were noted.
c. Certification of exemption from limited assurance review.
The requirements for exemption from a limited assurance review by external auditors were noted and it was agreed the Parish Council satisfied these criteria.
Resolved: to certify that the Parish Council is exempt from the requirement to have a limited assurance review by the external auditor.
d. Internal Audit
The internal auditors report was received
Resolved: to accept the Internal Auditors recommendation that a schedule of payments and receipts against the budget should be provided to members at each meeting.
e. Governance Statement
Resolved: to complete the Governance Statement answering ‘yes’ to all statements
f. Accounting Statement
The Accounting Statement had been completed by the Clerk and a copy provided to all members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: To agree the Accounting Statement as prepared by the Clerk
g. Current Financial Position
It was noted that the bank statement as at 31/03/2018 showed the following balances:
Current Account £7,407.62
Parish Plan Account £356.63
The cash book for 2017/18 showed the following closing balances at 31/03/2018:
Current Account £5,247.24
Parish Plan Account £356.63
A bank reconciliation had been provided to members prior to the meeting.
h. Payments and Invoices
Resolved: to approve the payments in the Payment Schedule (see below)
i. Clerk’s Salary
Resolved: to adopt the NALC recommended pay award with effect from 01/04/2018
11. General Date Protection Regulations
a. Working Group Report
MB gave a report on a recent data protection training event. The recommendation that the logon details for the website should be held in a sealed envelope by the Chair.
b. Adoption of GDPR Policies
Resolved: to defer this item to the next meeting
c. Data Protection Compliance Officer
Resolved: To appoint the Clerk as Data Protection Compliance Officer
12. Planning
a. New applications
i. P181198/F East of Pennoxstone Court. TO left the room. Members were of the opinion that there are inconsistencies between the application form and the associated plans.
Resolved: to submit the following comment
“Kings Caple Parish Council is of the opinion that the application is ambiguous in that the application form, drawings and covering letter appear to conflict with each other. If this is an application for a new building then it is not in accordance with policy E1 of the Kings Caple Neighbourhood Development Plan and the Parish Council objects to it.”
TO returned to the room
ii. P174517/O Land Adjoining TheChalet
Resolved: to submit the following comments
“Kings Caple Parish Council are of the opinion that the additional information submitted does not provide any justification for the relocation of the proposed dwelling outside the lawful domestic curtilage of the one it claims to replace. The Parish Council believes that the application is, therefore, still contrary to the policy RA3 of the Core Strategy and policy SB2 of the Kings Caple NDP”
b. Recent Decisions
i. P174047/ENF Lower Penalt. It was noted that the appeal against enforcement had been upheld
13. Highways
a. Report on Highways and Footpaths
Report noted.
Resolved: the contract with HC for the Lengthsman and P3 Schemes was agreed. PA to be the Parish Footpaths Officer
b. Lengthsman Works
Resolved: No works to be ordered now, situation to reviewed at the next meeting
c. Defects to be Reported to BBLP
No new defects to be reported
14. Correspondence.
Correspondence had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
15. Supporting Information
16. Items for the Next Agenda
• Standing Orders
Payment Schedule
Payments approved at the meeting 17th May 2018
E Parry-Jones, salary increment (April and May @ £4.31 per mnth) £8.62
E Parry-Jones, expenses £69.98
William Dereham, new laptop set up £40.00
Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman works £388.40