Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council
22nd November 2018, The Old School, Kings Caple

Adrian Harvey (AH), Pam Apperley (PA), Tim Over (TO), Andrew Eames (AE)

1 member of the public, Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Penny Brandram-Jones, Julie Brandram-Jones and Mark Barry

2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Resolved: To approve the Minutes of the meeting of 27th September 2018 as drafted

4. Updates on Action Points
Walking Festival – PA reported that a provisional date of 15th or 16th June 2019 had been selected but that there was no requirement for the Parish Council to provide any support or have any responsibility for the event.
Parish Council Summit – no members had attended, the presentation slides had been forwarded to members
Other updates to be covered under agenda items

5. Ward Cllr Report
Cllr Durkin was not present; his September Ward Report had been forwarded to members prior to the meeting.

6. Representations from the Public

7. Broadband Service to the Old School
The Clerk reported on the terms of the current contract with PlusNet which expires in August 2019. The speeds available are in excess of those estimated at the start of the contract and so there is no obligation on PlusNet to provide an enhanced service. This information had been provided to the Internet Café.
Resolved: AH to liaise with the Internet Café to research what improved services could be acquired and the costs for these.

8. Finance
a. Current Financial Position.
It was noted that the cashbook showed a balance of £9,830.42 as at 13/11/2018. The latest available bank statement as at 13/09/2018 showed a balance of £6,939.78. A copy of the cashbook and the schedule of 2018/19 income and payments to date as at 31/10/2018 compared the budget had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
b. Invoices and Payments.
Resolved: to approve the payments and invoices listed in the Payment Schedule (see below)
c. Draft Budget and Precept 2019/20
The draft budget prepared by the Finance Working Group at its meeting on 13/11/2018 was considered. The method of how this proposed budget would be published was considered, it was agreed that there was insufficient time to issue a newsletter but that in subsequent years greater efforts should be made to engage the parishioners in the budget planning at an earlier stage in the year.
Resolved: to revise the draft budget to allocate £390.00 for subscriptions and to approve it as otherwise drafted for consultation via publication on the website and the noticeboard.

9. Planning
a. New applications.
It was noted that an application had been submitted for gallops at Aramstone. Members are to consider the application and decide whether an extraordinary meeting is necessary to agree a comment to be submitted to Herefordshire Council.
b. Other Recent Decisions.
It was noted that the decision on application 174517 Land adjacent to the Chalet had not yet been published due to the ongoing negotiations on the terms of a s106 agreement

10. Highways and PRoW
a. Report.
TO reported that the bridge to Hoarwithy had been closed for one day for surveying.
b. Works for the Lengthsman.
Resolved: the Lengthsman to be asked to carry out a maintenance day.
c. Works under P3 Scheme.
Clerk to speak to former members about the responsibility for the ditch clearing adjacent to footpath KC10 at Sellack Boat.
d. Defects to be reported to BBLP.
Caple Avenue – worn tarmac,
Clusters corner to Aramstone Estate entrance – potholes

11. Correspondence.
A letter of resignation had been received from the Clerk, effective 20th December. It was agreed that all members should consider whether an extraordinary meeting is necessary to agree the procedure for recruiting a new Clerk.

12. Supporting Information

13. Items for the Next Agenda
Budget and precept 2019/20
Recruitment of a Clerk
Encouraging liaison and communication with parishioners

Payments to be approved at the meeting 22nd November 2018
The Floor Restoration Company £1,520.40
E Parry-Jones, ink cartridge £21.00
travel £21.60

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
11th December 2018, The Old School, Kings Caple

Penny Brandram-Jones (PBJ), Adrian Harvey (AH), Pam Apperley (PA), Tim Over (TO), Andrew Eames (AE), Mark Barry (MB)

Liz Parry-Jones (LPJ) Clerk

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3. Procedure to Appoint a New Permanent Clerk
Details of the recruitment service available from HALC were noted.
Resolved: members to use their local contacts to identify any potential candidates and to reconsider the matter at the next meeting

4. Appointment of a Temporary Clerk
Mrs Chris Bucknell had been approached by AH and had offered to take on the role of Clerk and RFO for a temporary period of approximately six months until the new Parish Council members had been elected in May 2019. Her CV had been sent to members prior to the meeting.
Resolved: to appoint Mrs Chris Bucknell for approximately six months for 5hrs per week at SCP 20. The Clerk to inform Mrs Bucknell, her contract to be finalised and signed at the next meeting.

5. Planning
184035 Aramstone, Kings Caple, HR1 4TU. Construction of round gallops on agricultural land and change of use of round gallops for training purposes (retrospective).
Resolved: to submit a general comment to Herefordshire Council that the Parish Council does not object to the application but regrets that permission was not sought prior to the hedge being removed.