Parish Council Agenda

Councillors are summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council
at The Old School on Thursday 27th September 2018 at 7.30pm.


1. To note apologies for absence
2. To receive declarations of interest and consider requests for dispensations
3. To approve the minutes of the meetings of 17th May and 19th July 2018
4. To receive an update on Action Points from previous meetings 
5. To receive a report from Ward Cllr Durkin
6. To receive representations from the public
7. To consider investigation into any measures to enhance the broadband service to the Old School 
8. To adopt documents and procedures for compliance with data protection legislation 
9. To appoint a representative to the Parish Council Summit on 17th October
10. Finance
a. To note the current financial position
b. To consider invoices and approve payments (see schedule below)
11. Planning
a. To agree comments to be made to Herefordshire Council on any new applications or appeals.
b. To make a representation regarding the granting of consent for application P174517/O 
c. To note correspondence received regarding the decision on application P181198/F and agree any action 
d. To note any other recent decisions and agree any further representations
12. Highways and PROW
a. To receive a report on Highways and footpaths
b. To express concerns to BBLP over the lack of information provided in advance of road works and closures
c. To consider supporting an event as part of the Herefordshire Walking Festival 2019
d. To agree any works for the Lengthsman
e. To agree any works under the P3 Scheme
f. To note the new pothole reporting App
g. To note any defects to be reported to BBLP
13. To consider any correspondence 
14. To note the contents of the agenda supporting information 
15. To raise items for the next agenda

Payments to be approved at the meeting 27th September 2018

Signed: E Parry-Jones (Clerk) Date: 23/09/2018