Parish Council Agenda

Councillors are summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council
at The Old School on Thursday 19th July 2018 at 7.30pm.

1. To note apologies for absence
2. To elect a Vice-chair person
3. To receive declarations of interest and consider requests for dispensations
4. To approve the minutes of the meetings of 17th May 2018
5. To receive an update on Action Points from previous meetings 
6. To receive a report from Ward Cllr Durkin
7. To receive representations from the public
8. To consider a request from the Old School Committee for financial assistance towards work on the floor at the Old School 
9. To adopt revised Standing Orders 
10. Finance
a. To note the current financial position 
b. To consider invoices and approve payments (see schedule below)
11. General Data Protection Regulations
a. To adopt a data protection policy and privacy notices 
b. To authorise the Clerk to purchase a filing cabinet 
12. Planning
a. To agree comments to be made to Herefordshire Council on applications
or appeals.
i. P182186/RM – Approval of Reserved Matters 25th June 2018. Land adjacent to Seven Acres Kings Caple Herefordshire HR1 4TZ, Reserved matters following outline approval.(151752) for two dwellings.
b. To appoint a member to make a representation to the planning committee regarding application P174517/O Land adjacent to The Chalet, Fawley. 
c. To note recent decisions and agree any further representations
13. Highways and PROW
a. To receive a report on Highways and footpaths
b. To note information received at the BBLP PRoW briefing 
c. To agree any works for the Lengthsman
d. To note any defects to be reported to BBLP
14. To consider any correspondence 
15. To note the contents of the agenda supporting information 
16. To raise items for the next agenda

Payments to be approved at the meeting 19th July 2018
E Parry-Jones, SLCC membership subscription (5/13ths of £115) £44.23

Signed: E Parry-Jones (Clerk) Date: 15/07/2018